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Teresa Skerratt
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Well hello everybody, I have posted a couple of times but thought I had best introduce myself.

My name is Teresa, I am a mother of five sons and have been watching birds for many years, but it has only been recently that I have been able to fully indulge.....originally we owned 50 acres in  tasmania where we lived an alternate life style, so the bird life was extensive....and i continued to watch as we moved first into town, then into the city.. while we were busy bringing up the children my other half developed a passion for photography...and it is only in the past two years....away from the constraints of family, I have been able to indulge and combine our passion....We now work as rural and remote nurses (and i am a midwife) and work all over northern Australia..........and of course there are some wonderful things to see and as we travel we bird watch, atlas and in general learn as much as we can about the areas we are living in..currently we are in Carnrvon in Western Australia,I set up bird baths as I go.........saucers from Pot Plants with rocks in them work well, are easily accessible and cheap....and the rewards are huge, like the beuatiful Naankeen Kestral that comes to visit every afternoon, we have net cutains in this unit and he cant see me.....

I am now getting myself set up to start photographing birds myself and my husband who has been into landscpe photography mainly, has joined in my passion for birds and he already has an amazing we are experimenting at present ......

cheers for now and happy birding ............

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Good stuff there is so much to see and do Enjoy !

See it!  Hear it!

Mid-North Coast NSW

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Welcome Teresa!

teresaskez wrote:

 so as we travel we bird watch

That sounds like fun!


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sounds like the lifestyle


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