Grey Goshawk - white morph

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Grey Goshawk - white morph

Sam and I were called today to help remove a Goshawk from a Duck Enclosure. The bird had been inside the enclosure for about 4 hours.

Fortunatley for the bird, unfortunately for my camera, it "flew the coop" so to speak just as we arrived. It was unharmed (maybe a few ruffled feathers), and flew away beautifully. Love the contrast between the yellow legs and cere, and the pure white feathers - should have had this last week!

Photos below were taken by the elderly lady (gave permission to upload), with her failry old low megapixel camera, so quality aint that good, but thought the story was worth sharing.

We would rather have a free unijured bird, than a few perfect photos anyway.



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Not a bad story . The photos aren't that bad either. Did the Hawk have a little nibble at a Duck though? He must have thought all his Christmasses had come at oncewink


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The 2 elderly ducks were not hurt, suspect it has come in for the water, as there is plenty of young rabbits, and the neighbours new young free ranging chickens to feed on.

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