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Hello from Batchelor NT

My name is Darryl andI have recently joined Birds in Backyards.

I live in Batchelor in the NT, our garden is in the town on a largish block of around 2000sqm Batchelor is on the divide between the Finnis and Adelaide River catchments and is surrounded by Tropical/Monsoonal Woodland. Batchelor is  approximately 100 road kilometres from Darwin and on road to Litchfield National Park.

My partner Graeme and I are both pensioners so we spend our time doing gardening and community work of various kinds. We live on our back deck and sit watching many birds come to a bird bath we have located just near the deck and under a canopy of shrubs and trees to provide shelter from the raptors that frequent the area. We have a large fish pond near our front deck which is sometimes the scene of fishing by kingfishers including Azure Kingfishers and 
Bluewing Kookaburras.

Enough for now.


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Welcome to the BIBY community

Looking forwrd to some intersting pics from you


Rick N
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Welcome Darryl, love to seem some pics of your native birds.

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Welcome from me, too, Darryl. That deck looks like a great place for bird watching!

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Hi Darryl,

welcome, you have a a lovely garden and there would be many birds visting such a nice place.

The NT has so many wonderful birds! I hope you enjoy being a part of the community here.

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Welcome to BiBy Darryl. That deck does look like a nice spot to sit and watch the birds flit about.


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Thanks for the welcome. I have added a photo of an Azure Kingfisher that was fishing in the fish pond at the front of our house.

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Hello and Welcome! Lovely photo of the kingfisherheart It must be so nice to see kingfishers so close to your home! The Blue-winged Kookabarra is on my really-need-to-see list. I can't wait to see more photos from your home and surrounding areasmiley


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Hi Darryl and Graeme. When is dinner? I'd love to come over. I can bring a few nice bottles of wine.Love the mat in the middle of your table, looks like what we always had in Provence.




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Hi Marie-Louise

Glad you can bring some wine, we usually tell people if you drop in the kettle is on but we just finished our last bottle of wine. The Batchelorpad deck has seen a few dinner parties but alas we may be slowing up just a tad..

Thankyou so much for your kind welcome.heart


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