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Hello from Bungendore

Hi, I joined the group about two weeks ago and seeing I have just emailed to try  to identify one of our visitors I thought I had better introduce myself.   We've lived here about 19 years now , a hobby farm about 3 kms outside of Bungendore just south of Lake George and about 20-30 kms from Canberra.

it's interesting how the bird life around here changes over the years. When we first got here we never saw a crested pigeon you had to go to the coast to see them, then after a couple of years there were 2 here then 4 then 8. it built up to a flock of around 20, now there are always some around. Similarly a turtle dove appeared about 3 years ago, last year there were 2. I haven't seen them this spring yet. We used to see mainly eastern rosellas in Canberra and the crimson ones were more uncommon.  When we moved here the crimson was common and the eastern rare, now they're both frequent visitors. Last year after building a frog pond (which may or may not have anything to do with it) we had a pair of double banded finches living around which I hadn't seen before outside of an aviary, then at the end of the season there were 4.  This morning I saw 6 in perched in a large climbing rose.  

I'm not an expert at identifying birds but we do enjoy having them around in the garden and the paddocks. We're in the fortunate position of having lots of superb wrens around, I am never sure how many there are as there seem to be 4-6 every time you look around whether you are in the front of the garden the back or down at the sheds or anywhere else. However I've only once seen a splendid wren here a few years back, must have got lost, I keep hoping it will get lost again. We also have regular wedge tail eagles soaring around, they usually nest on the Lake George escarpment.

Anyway that's me but I still don't know what my most recent visitor is, I'll have to get  a camera and try to photgraph it. 

Tony T


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welcome to the forum

you can post pics on the best photos thread just to show us the birds in your backyard/street/town, etc


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Welcome Tony and enjoy! Sent in any photo of any bird and we will try to I D for you.

See it!  Hear it!

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