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I just realised that I never introduced myself! Ok, here goes.

I am a major bird lover and I have a bit of an obssesion with taking photos of birds toocheeky I really like this forum because everone is so friendly and encouraging and don't really care about the quality of my photos (when I post themwink). 

So there, sorry about the late introsad

Annie W
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Welcome Elsie!  Definitely don't let anything stop you posting your shots!!  Great to have you here & look forward to seeing your local birds and sharing in them.

West Coast Tasmania

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I'm always interested to see what's been in your camera's sights, Elsie.

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Hi Elsie, to me it feels as if you have always been herecool, just stay the way you areheart


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Thanks everyone!smiley I had been reading the forum for a long time and then I decided to join!That was because everone was so encouraging to each other. Hopfully I will get around to posting some photos sooncheeky

Thanks again everyone for your kind comments!

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I have a question and I thought that instead of hijacking someone elses thread I would hijack my ownwink I was wondering how to crop my photos? I am uploading them staight from documents but can't see anywhere to crop them. If anyone knows how to could you please reply?


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Hi, Elsie. You should have a disc that came with your camera, it will have a program on it so you can crop and do other enhancements before you put it in documents to load here.

Shorty......Canon gear



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Ok, thanks very much shorty!


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Welcome Elsie.

You can use Photoshop or Lightroom. Probably the two best software applications out there. An affordable I was meaning to try out was PaintShop Pro.

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that sounds good too! Thanks dnasmiley

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HI Elsie,

I'm fairly new here and don't know much about birds compared to those who've been birders for ages but I know a bit about photo software. I have Paint Shop Pro X4 which is not the latest but does everything I need. 

However, if you just want to crop your photos, you could download Picasa for free and it will crop and do many other edits as well. http://picasa.google.com/ You can store your photos online for free at Picasa as well.  I do and share them on Google+. wink

To save your resized photo in Picasa, you need to export it with a new name. 

I hope that helps.

Kim smiley


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