Hi from Bayside suburb of Brisbane

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Chris F
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Hi from Bayside suburb of Brisbane

Hi everyone

After two posts on the forum I thought I should actually introduce myself!

I live in Victoria Point, Queensland on an acreage property with the biggest bird-bath (a dam)smiley

I've been looking at the forum for several months now, using the birdfinder to help me identify the birds that visit us.

My husband and I did a rough count a couple of years ago and we stopped counting after 25 different birds.

We've decided that bird photography is something we can do together as a hobby, so here we are.


Chris Fischer

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Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward to see some of your and your husband's photography. It's a very good idea to go birding together, my husband and I go out every weekend. ( unfortunately he doesn't want to post any of his photoscrying) I hope you will have lots of fun.

(the way you spell Fischer, sounds German? Am I right?)


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Hi Chris. Welcome from me, too. I hope you don't have to stop counting at 25.

I don't know, of course, what you're doing with your dam but there's an excellent chapter on developing dams for wildlife habitat as well as stock use in Wildlife in the Home Paddock by Roland Breckwoldt.

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Hi Chris,

Welcome from another Brissie member


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