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Hi, I'm new

Hi, my name is Jackie & I live on 5 acres in the Hawkesbury area on the outskirts of Sydney. I am keen to keep adding to my bird garden. I love photography and most of my pics aren't that great so it is good to see other peoples and the species they are photographing.

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Nice to have you on board, Jackie. The Best Photos forum isn't a competition so I hope you'll feel confident about posting yours. I'm trying to use the great photography as inspiration to improve my own efforts.


Hi Jackie, welcome to the forum. We look forward to seeing your pictures.

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 hi & welcome

I like the Golden Whistler as your avatar


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Hi Jackie

Welcome!  Glad to hear you're in the Hawkesbury area. I am close (near Penrith) and spend as much as possible out that way due to the wonderful species diversity it has to offer. A friend lives in Glossodia and has things like Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters as residents using his bird bath all the time. How awesome that you have 5 acres, hope there's some bush left there. What camera/lens do you use? What do you want to get out of your photography? There is a photography section in the Best photos forum where you can ask for some help etc....

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