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BoP ID please

Hi all, took this shot of a BoP on a boat trip from Palm beach to Hawkesbury river. It was around the Whale beach area, being hotly pursued by a crow which I have included for size comparison. I think it may be the same very large bird that I saw in several trees at the waters edge, and George has identified as an Osprey in another thread. Is this one an Osprey or something else?
apologies for photo, moving boat and bird not the best combination for me.... I'd never join the navy!

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G'day Heva,
It's hard from the angle and the poor quality shot to be certain, but I think it's a Whistling Kite. What's you've described is certainly what I've seen Whistling Kite's doing.

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Hi Gelmir,yes it's difficult to ID with such a poor shot, but I think it could be a whistling Kite, posting another shot, not much better I know but maybe shows the wing pattern a bit more?

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Hi Hev
Almosy sure it is a young WBSE.

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