ID on rainforest bird - whip bird or ??

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ID on rainforest bird - whip bird or ??

I have a bird in my backyard that I absolutely love. I have never seen's high up in our trees somewhere.
I was wondering if anyone could help with an ID.
I have a little movie clip on my blog.....
It's at the 19 second mark that you hear the bird.
I live in Gympie, South East Qld.
I am building/creating a little rainforest in my backyard and we border onto bushland.

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This is a link straight to the blog post with my video

Thanks in advance.

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G'day Shella,
I had to listen to the video 5 or 6 times before I heard it as it's quite faint compared to the other birds, but it certainly sounds like an Eastern Whipbird. I'm not sure though if it you might have other birds up there that have a similar sound. Perhaps someone from up that way could clarify that.

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Hi Shella
it certainly sounds like a Whipbird. The long thin drawn-outcall, and then the whip crack. No answering call from the female.
unlikely to be high up anywhere, more likely behind the bushes, low down, somewhere. They also make a strong scolding call, which you might hear, but not realise it is the same bird.

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Thank you both for your help.
I am now studying the pictures of this bird and will be on the lookout.
It does sound like it's up in the trees somewhere but may be on lower branches that I first thought.
Thanks again

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Can't give any suggestions but I don't hear a WB, WB call is much more drawn out.

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