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Been a while since I did the flickr upload thing so I hope this works.

Can anybody tell me what this cute little bird is? The pair built their nest in this pile of topsoil I have in my backyard. Unfortunately all the rain we have had recently has destroyed the nest but I think they had abandoned it before the rain anyway. I excavated the nest yesterday and in the collapsed mud found a very interesting pile of stripped bark in the shape of a large cup cake. No eggs thank goodness.

The pair are still hanging around as we can hear their distinctive 'wichoo wichoo' call and now we notice we hear them almost wherever we go up here.

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I probably jinxed myself I think. See how this goes.

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What you have is a Striated Pardalote, race dependant on your location. Well known for nesting in any old pile of dirt or sand.

Ed Townsville NQ

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What a gorgeous little Striated Pardalote!


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Now you have a good reason to leave a pile of dirt in the back yard.

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