Pale headed or eastern rosellas?

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Pale headed or eastern rosellas?

Can someone confirm for me that these are pale headed Rosellas? I thought they were but lately I've seen a few a pics that make me wonder whether they are Eastern .

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Number 2 & 3 I'd call 'PHR', number 1 I'd be a bit un-sure (maybe just the picture or maybe a young bird). Where taken?

Ed Townsville NQ


Pale Headed Rosellas Birdie.

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Ed, thanks for that, it's actually the same bird but I had to lighten for identification. They were taken in Buderim, Sunshine Coast. When we lived in Montville I have pics of PHRs but the head and face seemed whiter so I thought I'd just check with these. We have a family of them close by to my house, but generally they are quite shy of me. Those pics were taken around Xmas and I kept stumbling across them in the mornings when they were grass feeding. Naturally they flew away before i was aware of them. I learned my lesson eventually.
Thanks Tassie, I thought so but the colours came up brightly and I was just a bit unsure.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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