Various thornbill IDs needed

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Various thornbill IDs needed

I'm keen to confirm my tentative ID of these as Chestnut-rumped thornbills. Anyone agree?

And is this a striated thronbill? A side view would have been more helpful but this is the only shot I got.

Here's a scruffy looking yellow-rumped thornbill. Is it a juvenile? Or just windswept?

I also thought this might be an immature yellow-rumped thornbill. Although there are hardly any features to go on!

Here's an adult yellow-rumped thornbill. Side view:

And front view:

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Thanks DenisofRobertson,

That Canberra site is great.

The reason I dismissed Buff-rumped from my ID was because in Simpson and Day the colouring of the rump is quite yellow (although not as bright as the yellow-rumped itself!).

Having studied the photos on the Canberra site I'm still leaning towards the chestnut-rumped for my birds. They seem to have greyer bodies over all.


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