A couple of new varieties

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A couple of new varieties

I've never noticed these in the garden before and would appreciate an id.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

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Top one is a Spinebill - (Easern or Western, depending on where you live).
The others are Yellow-rumped Thornbills. Nice shot. You have all the diagnostic features, black speckled forehead and yellow rump visible too. Rattle "trill" call. Lovely birds. Feed on insect on the ground, and fly to "cover" showing their yellow rumps, when disturbed.
Robertson, Southern Highlands, NSW.

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Thank you :-) I was thinking maybe thornbills but they weren't quite a match for the picture I found. Earlier in the day they were flying around, flashing yellow, while my husband was in the garden. I didn't think I'd get any photos. But they came back later and walked around on the ground for a while so I grabbed the camera and got some photos through the window.

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