pardalote - type?

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pardalote - type?

I saw these pardalotes (I think?) feeding on the ground outside my house today - location is near Huonville, southern Tasmania. There appeared to be at least 6 of them and I think there was a mixed flock of birds feeding around the same place of about 20 birds (but MAYBE they were all pardalotes?)
From what I could see they were all quite drab for pardalotes but had yellow (not orangey) rumps and other than that no apparent yellow. There seemed to be faint white spots on top of the head but not on the wings. The wings didnt look black, more sort of dark greyish.
From looking at descriptions/pics I am a bit confused as to which type of pardalote they would be. Maybe they are juveniles? They all looked exactly the same though.

I did later see ONE bird which was definitely a spotted pardalote (beautiful!) but it was by itself.


woops looks like i cant delete this post - i just found out this are yellow rumped thornbills!!!

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Hi Zoidberg
Don't worry. That how we all learn.

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I once mistook a wallaby for a Lyrebird!! :^(


thanks , now i dont feel so bad :)

it might be of interest to other beginners to know that the thing that tipped me off that they weren't pardalotes was i started looking harder at their beaks and i thought hang on i'm sure pardalotes have shorter thicker beaks than this....
i guess they must have different dietary habits?

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