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Hi everyone, i go to High School in Sydney and have always liked wildlife in general but really got fascinated in birds when me and my family went on a holiday to New Zealand a few years ago and randomly happened to see Northern Royal Albatrosses, a Yellow-eyed Penguin, a Kea (type of alpine parrot) and some Royal Spoonbills. Ever since then i've been hooked on birds, they're just so beautiful and majestic.

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G'day Tross....can identify with your Kea....knick anything not bolted down. Had one steal my shoe (long story) at Mt Cook....had to chase around the Tasman river bed to get it back. - Shaka

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Hi Shaka, yeah the Kea has got to be the most inquisitive bird i've ever seen, one of them was chewing on my car's aerial, we shoo it away, and it comes back 20 seconds later for another chew! Nothing as bad as stealing my shoe i must say though.


Hi there Tross welcome to the site.

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G'day how are you? I love kea's, although I've never seen one in the wild! There used to be one at Melbourne zoo that would follow me as I walked along its cage, very cute and cheeky!

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