Hello from Bulwer Island

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Hello from Bulwer Island

Hi there.
Few people would know where Bulwer Island is without consulting Google, and until recently Google maps would not locate us! Bulwer Island is in the mouth of the Brisbane River in Queensland. The river is to the south, Boggy Creek is to the west and Moreton Bay to the north.

I am part of an environment team within an oil refinery setting on the island. We have a manmade wetlands which attracts many migrating birds from as far away as Siberia in Russia and the Southern Ocean. Mixed in with at least 50 visiting species we have many locals, some who stay on all year round and some who move around the Brisbane Valley and the South East Queensland coastal plains and ranges throughout the seasons or in response to rainfall or the lack of rainfall.

I look forward to sharing images and learning more about the local species and our visitoring species and how best we can support them on the fringes of a heavy industrial site.


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well that sounds interesting and look forwad to[seeing some pics for sure


Welcome aboard Anthony,I for one would love to see some pics of visiting species.

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