Hello from Gippsland

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Hello from Gippsland

Hi All,

My name is Mat, and im from East Gippsland in Victoria (Buchan to be specific, about 400kms east of melbourne)

Im more of a photographer than a bird watcher, but i love photographing birds, so i guess that counts :)

My aim is to try and get 1 shot of every species of bird in australia (probably an impossible task but will be fun)

Some of my photos are here (most recent) are here


that is only my most recent shots since i got my new camera, still have a few years worth to add yet, am probably at about 100 or so species of 850

So yeh,

Hello :)



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Hi Mat and welcome to the forum. You never know there's no reason why you won't achieve what you want.


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G'day Mat and welcome aboard. Good lucj with your quest, mine is to take at least one truely great photograph before I die and yes that is a big dream.

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