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Hi from Albany WA

Hi, What a great site! We live on a 3000 acre farm just near Albany and are lucky enough to have some beautiful wild birds in our backyard. We get everything from Golden Whistlers to red Tail black cockatoos here and even have a pair of Wedge tail eagles that breed every year in the back paddock. I have just recently taken up photography and spend hours stalking our beautiful resident birds. looking forward to hearing all about the wildlife everyone shares on this forum.

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Welcome Jennywren.

Love your photos!


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Hi JennyWren. I was teachnig in Borden for a year (not too far from you) and we loved all the birds. We heard some eagles when we were climbing Bluff Knoll but never saw them up close.

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Hey Jenny. So jealous of the red tailed black cockatoos!!! Hope to see some images of them soon.

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Hi Jenny...
I'd love to live on a farm!
Having wedgies breeding right near you must be good too!

I LOVE your profile pic!

Bye, and don't forget to have a HOOT!

don't forget to have a hoot!

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