Hi from Far South Coast NSW

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Hi from Far South Coast NSW

Good morning, I'm a newbie here and never knew this site existed.
We have a garden that so many birds (and other wild life) love to visit and intend to keep it that way.

We have trained our little dog not to go near the birds and she often walks through the many magpies feeding on our back lawn.
I just hope she always behaves this way and never tries to catch them.

We love our daily visitors and have endeavoured to make our garden very welcoming.

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Welcome Echidna. I am relatively new too and am enjoying the site very much.
Like your pup, I have a 17 year old Siamese cat who realised years ago that to notice the birds was a "No-No".
It is so rewarding to have the birds visit the backyard (and frontyard)too!


Welcome to the site Echidna.

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