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From South Aust

Hi All,

Well, never really took much notice of the birds around in me backyard, til now. A pair of Magpie Larks built a nest in the Gum Tree next door. Yesterday both yound were on the ground one die the other is still alive under my tank stand. Question, do the parents still look after the one under the tank? THe other one was just left in the sun in the yard of about 45C deg.

I like any info on this if there is anything we could do or just leave it to the bird to deal with, as was told by a vet??

Cheers to all

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Hi Commish,

Is the baby fully feathered and are the parents still feeding it? Is there anyway you can reach the nest to place it back in.

Poor little thing, its supposed to be so hot in SA today :(

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Hi Holly,

Yes it has feathers & parents were hanging around just then when I went outside to to check on it, so headed back inside & hopefully they are still looking after it.

The second one yesty die as it was left in the sun. I was outside when I heard a thump. Looking around to see the baby on the ground & the 2 parent birds dive bombing me, so quite inside.

It appears as those they may have shifted the first one I found on the ground. It was under the kids slippery dip in the shade. I went inside & come back a few minutes later it was gone. I found it under the tank stand, about 30 feet from where it had been. Then later it was gone again, but still under the tank. It was back another 5 feet from where I found it the first time. It just seems each time I found it, they go & more it, but the other they watch die.

Lucky it is in shade & has been there since yesty & still alive this morning. It is going to be hot here Adelaide about 43C, so here it will be at least 45C plus.



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