new bird :)

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new bird :)

Hello from the dry and dusty red sand :) I live in far SW NSW.. the home of my favourites..the raptors, Rainbow bee-eaters and apostle birds.

We are not in a town...

Most days, I am visited by both Whistling and Black Kites... for their handout of dead mice, or other treats (well, to a raptor, anyhow) .

We have bee-eaters nesting only 20 mtrs from our house, apostle-birds sitting enjoying the run-off from the aircon., and the little wrens ducking in & out the shrubbery.

Nursery groups of galahs are crowding the horse-trough for a drink and a cool-off, and the blue-faced honeyeaters take possesion of the old silky-oak trees.

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How ya goin' new bird?


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:) works!
Thanks, SouthCoastPete..(long name!)

Going well..

about to go and check everybody has water on this hot afternoon. LOVE your butchiebird avatar!

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Welcome binjy,

I'm envious of your bird list, though I must confess that as a lover of the little birds, especially finches, I prefer the (only slightly) moister east. I am particularly envious of your blue-faced honeyeaters and rainbow bee-eaters. A few people round these parts have been reporting the latter this summer only to have to recant. As for the apostle birds, or lousy jacks as I've heard them called, I reckon they've got great characters.

What species of wrens are they? We have a couple of families of superb fairy wrens around our place and breeding for possibly the third time this season (despite currawong raids).

Greetings from the northern Southern Tablelands of NSW

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Hi, poephila ( yes, I just looked that word up!) :)

We do have 'little' birds ;)

Some I can identify are Superb fairy Wrens, Mistletoe birds,Zebra finches ( not continuously) Weebills, Pardalotes,silvereyes, whitefaces, various 'swallows',Reed Warblers,.. Jacky Winters ,Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo (all night long in Summer ) :( , willywags, and Satin Flycatchers..and more which I am unable to name :)

As we are near the Murray..there are also the ducks, pelicans, herons, cranes, cormorants, darters, ibis, kookas..

And the predators ;) Ravens, maggies ,Pied and grey Butcherbirds,falcons, hawks, kites, and wedgetails..and whoever I have forgotten :)

Oh..where do I put those very handsome Black-faced Cuckoo shrikes :)
and the night-owls, of course, and tawnies...
Oh..and the Parrot families ..........
..and honey-eaters

and 'my' two pairs of blackbirds.the most wonderful songs to remind me of cooler climes....

We have a reasonable variety... shouldn't have asked!!! LOL

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does anyone know what this little bird is? Sorry for the photo quality.

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