Macquarie Marshes Birds

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Macquarie Marshes Birds

Just came back from the Macquarie Marshes (Western NSW) on a hunting trip and pictured many birds. A few we could not ID with 100% certainty. Birds #1 & #2 are the same bird and I have no idea what it could be. Bird #3 could be a juvenile Dusky Woodswallow and bird #4 could be a Spotted Bowerbird. Any help will be appreceated.

Thanks in advance

Bashir Khan


I think first might also be a juvenile dusky woodswallow - or at least a juvenile wood swallow of some sort.  Last looks like a bowerbird of some sort - not sure which .

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Juv Jacky Winter for the first 2 photos? 

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Being totally unfamiliar with the birds of the MacQuarie Marshes I had a browse in my bird book & I'd say 1 & 2 are a young Jacky winter, 3 might be a Cicadabird & 4 is a Spotted Bowerbird. I'd be interested to hear from someone who is familiar with the MacQuarie Marshes birds.

I understand the MacQuarie Marshes have for a number of years suffered dreadfully from water over-extraction. How are they looking now, abulharith? Going on your photos it would seem they've recovered at least somewhat.

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Just checked and I think youre spot on with the juvenile Jacky Winter. Thanks RYU.

@Woko. I was at the extreme southern end of it and it was very dry. The main river itself (Macquarie River) was very low and infested with carp and all the feeder creeks were bone dry. Plenty of birds around though but unfortunately for the birds also plenty of ferals; pigs, goats, foxes and cats.

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Your description suggests they’re a prime candidate for restoration, abulharith. I wonder what the “environment” authorities have in mind.

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I think Woko's on the money with all three IDs


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I disagree with Woko on the 3rd one, I think it's a young Dusky Woodswallow.

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I agree with Steven, the 3rd one is a juvenile dusky woodswallow as I mentioned on top

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