Original Bird Poems

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Original Bird Poems

Here are a few bird poems I wrote this year. I'd love to read some from other poets on the forums.

Brahminy Kite

She hovers hopefully

Seeks for a strike

Chestnut gloss

And underside white

Hanging on air

And silent as light

Quivering feathers

Prey is in sight

Brahminy Kite

Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow flashes

Swirling, screeching

In the monkey puzzle trees

And the children play soccer on the riverbank

Another flock

Twirling, reaching

For the best branch they can seize

And the green waves spray white on the beach

Lorikeet slurries

Like coloured snow

As the evening approaches

And my fish and chips order is ready


Night bird flees in the darkening sky

White bird scurries home on high

Home to the greying river

Haunting cries

Fading skies

Orange burns to black

Human homes begin to light

They know not the peace of night

The day has gone but they

Still choose to work and play

Egrets fold their wings in sleep

Lulled in the darkening blanket’s keep

Crickets chirp

Swamp frogs burp

Along the mangroved track

Butcher Bird

Perched on a palm in the brightening dawn

Butcher bird calls in the morning light

Spots a worm in the waking lawn

Dives for a meal then back to the heights

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These are lovely, and moving.  Really evocative.


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