Panasonic GH1 -autofocus etc

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Panasonic GH1 -autofocus etc

I recently unearthed my panasonic GH1 which l bought several years ago but have hardly used.

Took it out today to photograph some finches and wrens , which were flittering about in long grass and light bush.

the camera works fine for 'normal' photos : landscape , people , fishing etc etc , but trying to photograph the birds the autofocus went made and just couldnt cope. l would get great  , clear photos of the blade of grass or leaf near the bird , but not the bird itself.

I used various focus modes. I also tried Manual focus , but the camera automatically 'cropped' a section in the middle of frame and everything was pixelled out of recognition.

considering getting an adapter to fit a manual focus lens to the GH1 , and getting a manual focus lens : sigma/canon/nikon etc 100-300 zoom or similar.

question is , has anyone here tried this on their camera [mine is micro 4/3 format]and had success?

any help/advice would be appreciated.


ps: my budget doesnt stretch to large autofocus lenses with big apertures [600mm f2.8 etc]

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Photographing small birds alone is difficult, harder when they're moving, and even harder when they're in grass. I don't think it's the camera or the photographerin the wrong, but the enviroment.

If you're getting clear photos, the autofocus must be working fine, but it can't chose which subject to focus on. Try the camera out on some other birds elsewhere, and see what the results are.

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