Pied Stilts

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Pied Stilts

I got up really and drove through mayhem on the roads to get to the Western water treatment facility in Werribee, Victoria. It was a pleasure to be greeted to a scene like this. A very still morning. Very calming experience. One of my better photographs, more for the framing and the reflections than to show of the species, i guess.

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Hey pip, love those reflections, if you crop the background, you could almost turn it upside down, and not know which way is up! Just the ripples would be the give away. Simply beautiful.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Beautiful shot, Pip. Lovely reflections. The light can be magic in those morning hours.

Alex Rogers
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Lovely shot of one of my favourite birds - nice one. 

I'm keen to get to Werribee again, and will be visitng Melbourne for business soon - I'll drop you a PM to see if perhaps we could visit together. 

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I love those birds -- seen them occasionally in our park's pond (SEQ)

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