Raptor of some type? ID help please!

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Raptor of some type? ID help please!

We are in Caroline Springs, outer Melbourne. Our house is opposite large grasslands, big creek, lots of native trees around. We see a lot of raptors hunting over the grasslands and creek area from our balcony, but had a much closer encouter today. 

The images aren't great, as they're from our security camera. Flew into our back deck area & into the glass door - which alerted me to its presence! Briefly perched on the chair facing the glass, so I was able to note a few details. Yellow claws & around the eye. Medium-light brown all over, belly was cream / light brown barred. Size is probably comparable to a large raven or magpie. His tail feathers and the backs of his wings were quite fanned out, so hoping this might be distinctive?

The glass doors are inside a mostly enclosed deck area, so we don't often get birds hitting htme (maybe 2 in the 18 months we've lived here. He flew off without any trouble , but we are curious about what sort of bird our visitor was!



Slow motion:


Flickr pics:


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Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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As suggested above, looks like it might be a young Brown Goshawk. Check out images for them and you can decided. Collared Sparrowhawk is also a possibility but toes don't seem overly long. .

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Agree with Brown Goshawk. Male going on apparent size.

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Thanks all - definitely think it was a brown goshawk. Is was on the other side of the glass, and he only paused for a second but definitely looked like a goshawk. Thankyou!

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