Rare birds on radio

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Rare birds on radio

Rare birds on radio. La Radio En Ligne is a great radio en direct station to find out more about, as it covers many aspects of French and Francophone culture. The most popular radio shows on this station include Europresse, Dokument, and Radio Ambiance. Europresse is a French broadcasting channel that mainly reports about breaking news from Europe and the UK. As for Radio Ambiance, it broadcasts romantic songs that are meant to be played in bed.

While I don't typically listen to this radio station, I have been able to experience the charming melodies of La Radio En Ligne. The radio station is actually owned by Se Culture, and they are primarily known for producing music for children. It was created as a joint venture between Se Culture and Direct De La Media, and the two businesses have enjoyed quite the ride since going on the air. Since then, Radio En Ligne has gone through many transformations, and now it is mostly focused on providing music for adults as well as attracting listeners who would like to learn more about French.

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