Red-capped robin on holiday

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Red-capped robin on holiday

Hello! I had a most unusual sighting today! A male red-capped robin was in my garden, in Gwelup, Perth. Very bright and quite chubby. Perhaps he is friends with the willy wagtail who helps me with my gardening. I am astonished, as i have never seen one in the city before.

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How lucky you are, jayjay.

Sometimes these are random appearances. Sometimes they’re because there is habitat at the site of observation or nearby & the bird is, perhaps, exploring a little beyond the habitat. Is there a corridor of natural habitat passing near where you live? But I doubt the Red-capped Robin has come by to make friends with the Willie Wagtail although it might have seen the Willie Wagtail & was attracted by what it thought the Willie Wagtail was taking advantage of, e.g., insects. 

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Iv recently seen red caped robins here, arfter they haven’t been seen in the area for years. I think this is because of the decline in introduced species. But yes, sometimes a bird my randomly appear dew to a change in environment or in weather. For example a few years back a sea came along, this was wile it was a little wetter then usual.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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Nice one!

They are around, but not a "common" birds in the suburbs.

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