Rescued Snake

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Rescued Snake

Hi all, my son Sam and I have recently complete a Snake Handling and management course.  We wish people would keep their rubbish, and not throw it from the window of their cars.

A week or so ago, we were called to this Lowland Copperhead (Austrelaps superbus) who was spotted crossing a busy highway with it's head stuck in a XXXX can. Sam is barehanded supporting the snake, while I have welders gloves on (unsure how much head and neck were stuck in the can), did not want it turning and biting my hand. Once free it did turn and bite the glove, but appeared to be a dry bite (no visible venom).  This specimen was 1.1 metres. We successfully freed it, not injured and so was released nearby, but away from the road.

On a lighter note, Queenslanders have beer called XXXX for 2 reasons - you can't write "shit" on the can, and they don't know how to spell "Beer"?

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Another great reason for uniform deposit legislation in all states.

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It's a very sad fact, if education doesn't work, then heavy fines for littering should be the way to go.

I would urge people to download the latest app to their phones, so you can on the spot "report littering" to the EPA.I have done so for years, and they thank me every time for doing so. Also very important to report Cigarette Buts thrown out of cars during the fire season. Most fires along Freeways  (5 of them yesterday where I live) are caused that way.

We all know how poisonous cigarette butts are for birds and other animals and the damage they do to the environment.

So don't feel bad about dobbing, you are helping the environment.

Thanks so much Dale and Sam for doing the great work.

I had an encounter with a Tigersnake yesterday. I walked my dog to the gate to put the bin out, so she was on a lead. The snake was curled up next to a bush. The dog sniffed it, the snake hissed very loudly and struck. But missed the dog's head as I pulled on the lead.I don't think she was bitten. I watched her all night, but she is fine. It was a beautiful snake, in the sun the stripes looked so vibrant.I hadn't seen a Tiger this year, but a few Copperheads.


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Not only are you helping the environment by dobbing, you're also holding accountable those who would destroy the environment.

Nice to know both your dog & tiger snake are safe, Araminta.

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I guess you could saycheeky the snake was a blind drunk crossing the road

good work guys

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