Shack frogs. Esk. Qld.

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Shack frogs. Esk. Qld.

these are some of the frogs lve seen since i moved here 2months ago. there was another that l saw the first night l was here , but not seen since. it looked like a giant rocket frog , but only had one black stripe that ran through his eye.

anyway , here is what ive seen so far. l know the green tree frog and rocket frog , but none of the others.

any identification would be much appreciated.

first pics are Rocket frog , followed by a brown tree frog type frog [5-6cm body length]


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And nice one again Barney.

At Christmas a year ago, at my folks place on the Sunny Coast, I went investigating all the noisy frogs around the place and found a few of these guys.

Driving home on a wet night, it's easy to tell the rocket frogs, as they are the ones that jump up to headlight level and above, despite being only an inch long.


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