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Hey, I was just wondering if there are any Ornithologists out there that could help me.
I'm only 17 but I hope to become an Ornithologist in the furture, so if anyone could help me with things like, work prospects, pathways and just ornithology in general I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Nick.

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I am - though I am more on the education side of things at the moment. It isn't a huge field but there are jobs out there, usually in research - which means a degree in biology (I focussed on ecology) and further studies, usually a phd.

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I'm thinking the same thing except my parents did not like the idea because the job opportunities apparently do not pay very well. Not sure. Instead I want to do Veterinary Science and maybe specialise in Aviculture.
I tried looking up university courses for Zoology and Ornithology and I haven't found any separate courses for them and they all seem to fall under "Bachelor of Science" and such but I only looked through the NSW campuses. However there is a postgraduate course at CSU. Biology-ecology seems to be the most fitting courses for this field.
It's good if you are doing Chemistry, Physics, Math and English in High School beause they may form part of the requirements (if not, it's ok you can still take a bridging course). Biology will be a distinct advantage but not a requirement, well not that I know of, with courses offered in Eastern Australian Universities.
For work experience, I suggest volunteer fieldwork, surveys, etc are some options but I am no older than you, Nick, and it is experts like you, Holly, who would have the experiences and right answers :)


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