Taken Mt Hypipamee NP, inland from Innisfail

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Taken Mt Hypipamee NP, inland from Innisfail

Friend of mine trying to identify this bird - can anyone help please.

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Looks like some type of scrubwren to me.

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Any more pictures or idea of size? I would like a better look at the bill. Might be completely wrong but is female Golden Bowerbird ruled out? Check our pic below from Atherton Tablelands.


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The original bird photo posted at the top seems to have a slightly longer and thinner beak than the photo of the Golden Bowebird. I believe that the original photo at the top of the page to be something different. A tricky one!

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Honestly, no clue on this one! It’s a good mystery bird.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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Hi Bridges, agree bill looks different to Bowerbirds , Golden or Toothbilled but eye colour seems off for the Scrubwrens in that area. Atherton & Large-billed Scrubwrens. I suspect the photo colouring could be misleading me. Any idea of size from your friend or more photos? If not then try posting on the Facebook Australian Bird ID site where the experts reside.

sorry not to be of more help

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