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Had my first visit to Werribee Wetlands today, just a brief visit but a great place for bird watching. OK identification on these please.

Owl of Kedumba
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2. (Australian) Spotted Crake

4. Spotted Harrier

5. Golden-headed Cisticola (I think)

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#1 Bar-tailed Godwit

#3 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper on left, with 2 Curlew Sandpipers

Agree on the others.

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Thanks to both of you. What you have both suggested confirmed my thoughts. I am not good on waders yet, so needed confirmation....and guess I was hoping that someone might point out one of them was different as I already have all of these on my Life List, except the Spotted Harrier........but back at Werribee in the next day or so and hopefully will spot something new...there is a long-toed stint been sighted there...trouble is will I be able to spot the difference unless he is lying on his back?    Thanks again.  Robert       9001birds.blogspot.com

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