What is that birdcall?

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What is that birdcall?

Can someone please help me identify the bird which wakes me up very early every morning in Paddington, Sydney.  It isn't any of the Birds in Backyards recorded bird calls.  It sings 'Go up, go down', the 'Go' always the same, the up and down rising or falling in a single dull saxophonic syllable.  Quite a sorrowful cry but not a Keol.  Any ideas? gg

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It could possibly be a Butcherbird, but could you maybe get a recording?

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

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Sounds like a koel to me, they have a few different calls. The crested shrike-tit has a mournful up-down call but I would be surprised if there was one in Paddo. Koels do call in the early morning.

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Yep, I'm beginning to think it's a koel too.  I'm very new to this and I think I was sticking to the soundfiles too closely when trying to identify it.  The 'voice' is definitely the same, it's the just the call is different.  Now I've just got to try and spot it.  Thanks for your help everyone.

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Ged, may also be a Pied Currawong, which is also an early riser.

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If you do see it let us know!  I was hearing a koel each morning earlier in spring and early summer, but never saw it,  (in Leichhardt).  Also took me a while to know it was a koel. 



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