What sort of Owl is this?

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Aussie Kate
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What sort of Owl is this?

i saw this own a few months ago in a tree next to the house in Campbelltown South Australia.



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Just guessing Barn Owl maybe?

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Yes a beautiful Barn Owl 

Aussie Kate
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I was tossing up weather it was a Barn Owl or a Masked Owl, i read somewhere that Masked owl's have feathery feet where Barn owls don't i dont know if that is true or not.


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a great pic


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Hi Kate, nice find.

I had a look in my book and the masked owl has dark surrounds on the eyes, I think its the grass owl that has the leathery feet which are longer than the Barn and masked owls.

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Definitely an Eastern Barn Owl. Great find BTW! You would generally NOT find a Masked Owl roosting in suburbia. They normally use tree hollows, as well as the EBOs, but EBOs are known to roost in the open more too. Howerver, since spring last year the east coast, or at least the western Sydney basin had experienced an irruption in EBOs due to mouse plagues west and south of Sydney. Many young birds would have dispersed from their place of birth. Heck, I even had one in my backyard one September morning trying to roost (live near Penrith). I have never seen an owl in my backyard.

Aussie Kate
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thanks for all the help smiley

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