Whistling Kite in flight

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Whistling Kite in flight

I always strive to get close enough to my subjects to ensure I get them exactly how I want them in the frame. This means that in the end I usually don't have to crop anything or just a little to tighten up the comp. In this instance I was stoked to get this shot full frame, in camera, which means I have the best possible image quality for reproduction for whatever use I want.

A humbe Whistling Kite out at Bushells Lagoon, Wilberforce in April 2009, when it was the last year I remember as a great one for bird photography out there. Since then it's been a little hit and miss.

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Lovely as usual Akos and with a nice subtle copyright watermark :)

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Nice one champ.


A very nice inflight shot.

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Love it.  Great pic.

Brisbane southside.

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