White Faced Heron

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White Faced Heron

Saw this little beauty at the Old Beach Foreshore walk, a reserve along the eastern side of the river Derwent, North East of Hobart. Parts of the walk are wetland type environs, whiles parts are river bank. The water here will be brackish, with probably a higher content of salt than fresh water. It is also tidal.

White Faced Heron by Dale Watson, on Flickr2Q5A9773 by Dale Watson, on FlickrWhite Faced Heron by Dale Watson, on Flickr2Q5A9758 by Dale Watson, on Flickr2Q5A9741 by Dale Watson, on FlickrHeron by Dale Watson, on Flickr

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Good ones, Dale. You're really into photographing birds now! And thanks for the information about the habitats.

Alex Rogers
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Gorgeous bird, love his long breeding plumes. Cool shot with the little fish as well 

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Thanks guys, woko, I've been more active of late, now that I have a camera that I am able to see the bird in the frame, not just a spot in the distance. Still learning so we will keep trying.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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