White-faced Heron

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White-faced Heron

With lots of wind and a cold snap I was not expecting much in the way of birds this morning so was pleasantly surprised by three White-faced Heron in our yard.

Recent rains have had the frogs singing their hearts out lately I am guessing we will have a few less frogs when these three have finished.

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Awesome, I love the 3rd pic!

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.

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Nice shots! I'll also like the third photo with the Heron perched beautifully on the branch.


Rick N
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Nice, second is my fave.

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Another lovely bird to encounter in your yard. Were they all juveniles?

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Nice pics Wollemi,

And yes the frog population will go down.

Shorty......Canon gear



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Thank you all for your kind comments! I do believe they were all juvenile as the white face mask was not particularly well developed on any of them. I am not familiar with the habits of waterbirds so not sure whether it is likely these three were siblings though I do think the one on the ground in the grass is perhaps a little older than the other two because of darker colouring and more developed white mask.


NIce photos ... you get a great variety of bird life there

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WhistlingDuck wrote:

NIce photos ... you get a great variety of bird life there

Yes we are very blessed to have a rich diversity of birdlife here. I have set up a Flcikr account now so I can organise the photos into species photographed each year. There are of course plenty I don't get photos of but I try to photograph some birds here every day.

Planting understorey around the gum trees and planting many more native trees and bushes is paying off likewise leaving hollows in the ground where the water pools during rain and takes ages to drain away creates a natural frog habitat.

The recent rains have certainly added to the diversity of the birdlife. 

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Wonderfully done, Wollemi. An inspiration to all & sundry. I trust your neighbors are following your example. 

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