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Willie Wagtail Suggestions

I really like this photo I took of a curious WW, but the thing is its out of         focus, but not too bad. Do you guys think I should use some sharpening tool? I thought about it but I didn't want to make it look fake or anything. I like the softness, but is it too blurry? 

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The thing with sharpening tools is that they can not make a really out of focus shot look sharp. Not even close. But they can make a slightly out of focus shot like this look just that little bit less soft. The beak of WW in this shot is almost in focus so could be worth mucking around with some sharpening for sure.  I really like the composition here, the white eyebrows are very striking and draw your eye towrds the beak. I would be interested to see how this shot sharpens up, maybe you could post a picture of an edited version? :)


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