Willie Wagtail nests

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Willie Wagtail nests

I recently discovered two willie wagtail nests - both on branches hanging out over creeks. The second one i could look down into from a bridge.

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I've seen willies build nests in some precarious places.

Quite a nifty down-the-hatch shot in the second. :)

Annie W
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Oh now I'm just jealous cheeky  Accidentally found my first Dusky Robin nest last week - they tend to build nests in & on the sides of old tree stumps - right down low but empty, fledged I imagine.  Then a Pink Robin nest, beautiful creations they are, all lichen covered etc - but that one, you'd need a cherry picker or a crane to ever see into it from afar.  How fantastic these guys built one downways from a bridge for you!  Little beaks & wide baby mouths, beautiful beautiful captures yes

West Coast Tasmania

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What a find!!!!  just brilliant, congrats.



Thanks for your kind comments ... AnnieJ, yes, many of the nests are masterpieces of construction, and improvisation in using what they can find

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