a certain style??

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a certain style??

I took this photo more than 2 years ago, with my old Sony A-55 and a 300mm Sony lens. But looking at photos I took recently of the same kind of bird, new photos look very similar.

What I’m trying to say is, if I look at photos on BIBY I can almost all the time recognise who took those photos. I mean, I recognise people’s “style”. Weather that is good or bad, I’m not sure??

I’m beginning to feel as if I’m stuck in a rut? My own photos are beginning to bore me. But it also reflects the way I see everything, so I don’t know if I should change it?

So, what is the answer here?

I know some people will tell me , I should improve my photography skills, (yes, like learn how to use my camera), but to me it is all about the composition of a photo.

My question really is, should we develop our own style and stick to it? Or should we develop new ideas?

Because I don’t travel much to find birds I have never seen before, should I try to find different ways to photograph the same birds? Or will I just bore myself and others?

Let me know what your thoughts are.

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Araminta - what a good stimulating question, I take pics that suit my needs and therefore my enjoyment and therefore my answer is that if your pics are beginning to bore you that you shoudl change somehow. However I do not think that I am the best to suggest the how of the change


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Do I detect a certain hesitancy about stepping into the unknown, Araminta?

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