going bird watching in north queensland next month

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going bird watching in north queensland next month

hubby an i are going to north queensland for a week, next month wish it was longer but we are going to stay at the kingfisher park birdwatchers lodge, Julateen for two days , and a trip to hasties swamp, atherton and mareeba wetlands is on the plan.

then up to cooktown then cape tribulation after that we are staying in karunda for two days in a cabin, great bird watching place.

will be great have been looking at bird lists and looking at pictures to help me with identifying them, plus my trusty bird identifcation book as well.

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wow, some people have all the fun


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lol yeah sure do , will probably wear out the camera lol


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Don't forget to post photos for us... to make us all jealous.

Brandon (aka ihewman)

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Sounds like a marvellous trip, northern Queensland is a interesting place. Are you going to visit the lava tubes at Undara (although, they are a bit out of the way)? 

How are you getting there? Are you flying up, or are you driving up?

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