iPhone bird photography

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iPhone bird photography

A few years back I put down all my SLR gear and set myself a challenge - how much can you do with how little? The camera? iPhone 3GS.

I took photos of all manner of things, but when it came to wildlife the challenge became "How can you (or *can* you) get *good* wildlife shots using a phone camera?"

I ended up taking photos of all sorts of animals. However some of the most satisfying were those where it is not exactly trivial to get close to the animal.

Some birds are ok with humans - like the cockatoo on my balcony below. But others are usually very wary - like the raven. I recall something Steve Irwin said about approaching lizards - don't look them in the eye. So somehow you have to be able to get close to the bird, or get the bird close to you, without eye contact, and yet snap the shot.

Anyway, I think it's a funny raven pic, and a curious cocky, and for good measure and variety I thought I'd throw in a chicken or two from the Easter show.

How about you? Ever set yourself an iPhone challenge? Share your pics here :)

All post-processing done on the iPhone using Tilt/Shift Generator app.

Australian raven photographed with iPhone

Sulfer-crested cockatoo photographed with iPhone

Domestic chicken photographed with iPhone

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