A mixed "Barrages"bag

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Rick N
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A mixed "Barrages"bag

Drove down to "The Barrages" weekend before last as I'd heard it was a good spot for a variety of waterbirds. "The Barrages" separate the Murray and the Coorong.

Had a great morning and will be definately returning. Sorry about so many shots but I don't get that much time to post photos.

Also stopped at the Goolwa effluent ponds but have not had enough time to edit. Did see a Pink Eared duck though, first for me, but it was a long way away. Very happy though.

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I enjoyed this Rick's Megamix! laugh

The ducks in flight reminded me of the painted wooden ducks that hung on my granddad's garage wall... smiley


Great shots rick - love the terns in flight.

What ones are they?  - #1 is a Crested Tern?? #2 looks different maybe a common tern?

Rick N
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Not sure myself on the Terns, but just going by the beak colour probably as you suggest. I should take more notice at the time but sometimes get too wrapped up in the photo taking smiley

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Given the dark red bill I think 1 & 2 are a Marsh Tern(s), I think.

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Great Birds in flight shots rickN .... and yes Windshear... I thought the same about the ducks !!!

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Nice shots Rick.

I was just watching "Storm Boy" the other night on the tele and thinking the Coorong would be a nice spot to visit sometime (hopefully when it's well flushed with water rather than when it's hypersaline).


Rick N
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Thanks Tim.

Coorong is great. Very large area so lots of different stuff. I'm usually just passing through on the way to Mount Gambier so don't have a lot of time in any one particular spot but on the bright side see lots of different areas.


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