Dale's Big Year Challenge 2021

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Alex Rogers
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Nice set to close out, Dale. Good total for being island-bound - and the pelagics have been hugely interesting :-) 

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Some incredible birds and fabulous photos of them that you have picked up during the year!!! And the Orange-bellied Parrots!!!! What an experience!! I haven't been brave enough to go on a pelagic but I really have to get it together, those birds and those photos have been incredible, thanks so much for sharing, such an unusual world that we don't see out there. Cheers!

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Over 36% of your list are birds which are unique to the overall list, wow! No one else comes close to that effort. No wonder we have enjoyed your sightings so very much.

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Thanks Dale, have really enjoyed your photos. 

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Thanks all looking forward to 2022.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks Dale! Really glad you got to snap a fan-tailed cuckoo before the end of the year, that's a great way to go out :) Thanks for all the pelagic photos throughout the year too. 


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