NZ Birds - Trip back to NZ in April

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NZ Birds - Trip back to NZ in April

Hope this is ok. Just thought I would share some of the birds I saw in New Zealand while I was back visiting family.

New Zealand Bellbird

NZ Falcon


NZ Fantail

Will add some more later.

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Must have been nice to catch-up with family, it has been a hard couple of years for some, separated from loved ones.

It's nice to see birds from other parts, NZ is almost our backyard. Some great shots in that lot, thinking the Tui and NZ Falcon are my faves. Thanks for sharing.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Thanks Dale. It was great catching up with my family. Nearly 3 years since I have seen most of them.

Next lot of birds are from Kapiti Island - which is a nature reserve not far from Wellington. 


North Island Robin




Red-crowned Parakeet



A couple from the beach before heading off to Kapiti Island

Variable Oystercatcher

Kelp Gulls were everywhere. Nest even along rivers inland. Saw them in paddocks as well while travelling. They are know has Southern black-backed Gulls over there.

White-fronted Terns

And a couple more back on my Dad's property

Song Thrush - lots of these around Dad's home.

Grey Warbler or Grey Gerygone

Hedge Sparrow or Dunnock - I knew them as a Hedge Sparrow growing up.

And a Bumblebee just because..

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Beautiful set of photos, Abby. Some real stunners! I think that the Bellbird, Falcon and Tui must be my favourites but so many unusual birds seen on your trip.

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Nice ones, AbbyGrace. 

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Some more fantastic birds, hopefully I might see a few of them one day.Great photos.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Love seeing all the fascinating NZ birds, thanks so much for sharing! Cool to see some of the birds we see in a different environment too. Awesome!!

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